Books By M. Allen Thompson

M. Allen Thompson has a passion to write books that seek to empower and encourage believers to live an abundant life and experience freedom!

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Relax Be Free Enjoy God

Most Christians drudgingly live out their Christian lives in extraordinary disenchantment. Christianity has been reduced to behavior modification, religious performance, and we have seemingly forgotten the essence of the Gospel. God rescued you in order to be with you in a true and living relationship. God desires that you actually enjoy Him and live a life of abundance and freedom. In Relax Be Free Enjoy God, M. Allen Thompson helps believers to truly enjoy their relationship with God and live the life of abundance Christ promised to His followers. 

The Mystery Revealed

The Mystery Revealed seeks to demystify Christianity and enlighten believers to the simplicity of the gospel. The Mystery Reveled will equip readers with basic interpretative skills to better understand the biblical text, examine the distinction between the old and new covenants, clarify confusing doctrinal essentials, help believers understand Pauline thought throughout His epistles, and give clarity to the ministry of Jesus and Christian living in light the cross.

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Embracing Infinitude

Do you want to live with a conscious awareness of God's love? Are you hungry for deeper intimacy with Jesus? Do you struggle to trust God with your hurt and pain? Then embark on the journey of Embracing Infinitude. This 30-day journey will help you catch a fresh revelation of God's unending love, and will empower you to become vulnerable to His care. You will experience freedom and joy as you encounter God daily and choose to trust in His nature. It is time to step out of the shadows and be consumed by the all-consuming fire that is our Abba!


The Believer’s Guide To Christian Badassery

The Believer’s Guide To Christian Badassery is a fun and empowering resource that aims to awaken Christians to the reality that they are badasses in Christ! The Christian life is to be marked by an unending streak of divine badassery. Christians are a people of excellence, influence, inspiration, and who are contagious natural diffusers of the essence and glory of God. This book will awaken you to the reality of your inner badass, and empower you to live life courageously as a child of God. Christ is a badass, and so are you!


The Plastic Church

There lurks in the shadows of churches across America a most sinister darkness spewing forth lies that are robbing us of our freedom. This most sinister darkness seeks to choke out our humanity and color us with shame. The Plastic Church seeks to uncover false beliefs about God and ourselves that keep us from living in fullness and freedom. Are you tired of keeping up the appearance of having it all together? Don’t you want to be free? You are invited to experience life like you never thought possible by embracing the fullness of your humanity.