Hello there! My name is M. Allen Thompson! I am the creator of All Christ All The Time. I started this website with the goal of creating content and resources that will help you, empower you, and deepen your relationship with our God and Father.

I am committed to releasing free articles that will simplify the gospel message and help you grow in your understanding of the love and compassion of God displayed in the sacrificial death of Christ. I also have free courses available on Udemy that will give you practical tools to assist you in truly knowing and experiencing God for yourself. I also have books available that go deeper into the major themes of Christianity, that are designed to launch you into the joy of being His beloved child and dear friend. I also have a podcast in which I try to tackle different topics, discuss controversial themes, and share freely my heart and mind for the purpose of encouraging you and helping you see Him as the good Father that He truly is.

My passion is to empower believers like you and to be a source of help, strength, hope, joy, and freedom! I desire that all of God’s children come into a personal and experiential relationship with Him as Father and Friend. I am honored that you have come to my website and I pray that it blesses you and encourages you!

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