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The Lamp

Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

We have a promise from our Lord that we can stand sure and steadfast on an unshakable foundation. A foundation that does not age or rust, it doesn’t go out of style, or fade away buried under the sands of time. We have this anchor that stands out and above as an eternal beam of light illuminating the way of the righteous. 

The word of the Lord is a lamp and guide for our feet. It secures every step and establishes our walk. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mat 24:35). This lamp is sure and true and we can boldly step onto the path that glows from its gaze with unswerving confidence and comfort. For He who fuels its flames does so with the pure fire of love and kindness. His intentions for us are always good and are never dangerous or harmful. He is a good Father. The best Father. 

Yet as we embark on this journey with our little hands firmly fixed in His, we often hear the sound of many voices, which, like hooks, tug and pull at us in order to drag us from this path and pull us back into the familiar darkness of our past. These voices sound like thoughts, emotions, and can even manipulate how we interpret circumstances in a diabolical attempt to pull us from His grip.

Beloved it is for this very reason that we have been given The Lamp, so that we may see with certainty where our feet stand. This Lamp, beloved, is miraculous in that it acts as a light to guide our way, a window into His heart, a mirror reflecting to us who we are, and as a deed to our inheritance.  

Pilots are encouraged to rely on their instruments in as much as their instruments are discernably reliable in any given situation. Many pilots make fatal mistakes when they arrogantly give their lives into the hands of their instincts and feelings. Beloved truth be told, our emotions can be deceived and our minds are susceptible to the influence of both God and that rat satan. 

Consider this illustration: You and your friends decide to have a go at a haunted house attraction put on by a local corn famer for Halloween. You know its fake, and that no one is going to get hurt, yet, as you round a dark corner in the corn maze distracted by a strobe light and the silhouette of what could be a masked menace waiting to pounce on you, you hear behind you the crank of a chainsaw causing fear and panic to possess you, and you run in terror screaming for dear life. Now why is this? I mean clearly you will not be hurt, for its all entertainment. Well my friend the reason is your emotions were effectively deceived and you were really afraid. 

We need to learn to trust in something sure, certain, steadfast, and reliable. We need to learn to trust in The Lamp. We need to let The Lamp light our way, show us the Father, tell us who we are, and what we have. We cannot allow those whispers wafting from the darkness to tug and pull at us any longer! We must find our confidence in The Lamp, and rest our lives in the warm glow of its rays.

Restful Dependence

Restful Dependence

A Faith That Rests

A Faith That Rests