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Carefree Christianity

Carefree Christianity

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

The Christian experience is unlike anything on earth! It is not some religious expression centering around our feeble attempts to satisfy the demands of some tyrannical deity! Nor is it defined by some high moral standard, raised up, and blindly applied to ones life. Christianity centers around the paradigm shattering reality that we are so utterly loved by God that He was willing to suffer excruciatingly and die in order to annihilate anything that stands between Him and His children! This truth is painted for all to see on the canvas of history by the shed blood of Christ, our crucified lover.

This verse describes the blessedness of sonship and its practical application to the lives of believers. As sons and daughters we are liberated, freed, delivered from all worries and anxieties! We don’t have to drown our minds in the uproarious waves of worry and anxiety. “Do not be anxious,” literally this verse states in the original Greek, “Have nothing to do with cares, worries, or anxiety.” Remove yourself from such burdens my friend! Instead of allowing the storm to cloud your mind, express your heart to God in prayer!

Prayer here in the original Greek is the word προσευχή (Pro-soo-kay), and it literally means “an exchange of wishes.” To pray then is not to beg and plead with God, but rather where we meet with our loving Father and we exchange our concerns, worries, and cares for His love and provision. Prayer is thus an intimate place where we meet with the lover of our souls, our Father, and give Him the pleasure, the joy, the freedom to lovingly care for and provide for us, His dear children.

Can you see it beloved? We are commanded to have absolutely nothing to do with worries, anxiety, and cares, but rather to express ourselves in the intimacy of prayer, where we exchange our concerns for His provision, love, and care! How precious we are to Him!

We are also instructed to offer supplications to Him as well! The idea of supplication is that we are expressing our deepest heartfelt desires and needs to God. This means we invite God into the inner court of our heart and express our desires, needs, and longings to Him; fully convinced of His love and care for us. We share these desires and needs with our Father, think of it! Our Father who sees us and knows us utterly and completely! For we believe that His cross reverberates throughout all time His unceasing care for us (1 Pet 5:6-7). 

We have, in this verse, a promise to settle our hearts and implant within us the seed of expectation. We are told that instead of the exhaustion incurred by being battered by worries, we will experience the very peace of God Himself. This peace, we are told, will literally guard us, hem us in, surround and protect our hearts!

What does this mean? It means, my friend, that as a child of God you are free from all cares and worries! Why? Well because your Father is God! And He is with you, to protect, provide and care for literally all your needs and desires! God is for you and your wellbeing, and as the best Father He desires that you no longer be enslaved to worry, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty; but rather that you rest, safe within His arms, feeding on His goodness. Beloved the Christian experience is alien to all things in this world! We are called to live a life that is marked by rest, provision, love, and care that flows continually from the heart of the King of all things! We are not servants my friend, we are sons. We are not acquaintances, we are a part of His family! Can you see my friend how the perception of Christianity as some religious exercise where we bend over backwards in order to serve God is equivalent to spitting in His face? Can you see in this passage the heart of God for you my friend? His heart is not demanding some strict obedience to some moral code, nor is His heart to make you some puppet for His will and enjoyment. God is love my friend and love never seeks its own (1 Cor 13:5). God seeks your best interest and He seeks to care for you! Will you receive that today? 

Beloved whatever you are going through, and wherever you are know this: That He loves and cares for you and takes pleasure in fathering you! He desires to lift the burdens from your shoulders and give you rest! I challenge you my friend to meet Him in that place of intimacy called prayer and trade your worries for His great love and care!

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