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Hello there! I am M. Allen Thompson and Flourish is my online Spiritual Direction business. Flourish is an online Spiritual Direction service geared towards helping believers walk in a more intimate and fulfilling relationship with Jesus! Spiritual Direction is the art of spiritual guidance, pastoral care, and discernment. The goal is to assist you in connecting with God on a deeper level, while helping you discern the work of God in your life and circumstances. As your director I am committed to coming alongside you as you navigate your journey with Him. Spiritual Direction is very formative in that directors like myself seek to help people like you become more in tune with God by helping you to walk in a more intimate and personal relationship with Him. Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice, and one that the body desperately needs. I would be honored to be able to partner with you on your journey to help you discern the heart and will of God for your life!

Check out the packages I offer and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I pray that I can bless you and help you to grow in your relationship with God and find your calling!

What you can expect:

  • All sessions are live, Online, and one hour long scheduled by you and me at your convenience.

  • Encounter God, hear His voice, and be restored by His love and care.

  • Learn practices and disciplines that will help you live in a more intimate union with Christ.

  • Experience a safe place to unpack where you are spiritually and emotionally, while I will listen, help you to walk through your issues, and help you connect with God in those areas.

  • Healing of emotional, spiritual, and mental issues.

  • Enter into your destiny and begin to live a life of fulfillment and joy in the Lord!


These services are what I offer in my Spiritual Direction sessions.


Destiny and Alignment

Destiny and Alignment seeks to give you prophetic direction and counsel pertaining to your destiny, gifts, purpose, and unique God-given identity. I will partner with you in devising an action plan, in which we will craft attainable goals for you to pursue and begin to walk out the life you were created for!


Inner Healing and Deliverance

Inner Healing and Deliverance consists of guided sessions that aim at liberating you from emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that may be hindering you and inhibiting your ability to thrive. I will lead you through various prayer methods in order to help you connect with Jesus in those difficult emotional and mental areas. He will then bring healing and restoration to to you.


Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is essentially Spiritual counseling, that focuses on assisting believers in discerning the voice, will, and heart of God. I will partner with you to discern the Lords movements in your life and help you connect with Him in order to align with His heart for you. In these sessions I offer a safe place to wrestle through your issues, and connect with God. Maybe you feel stuck, or your life is unraveling, or you feel that particular emotional, behavioral, or spiritual issues are keeping you from God’s best. If that sounds like you then Spiritual Direction can help!

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