Destiny and Alignment (4 Session Focused Direction)

Destiny and Alignment (4 Session Focused Direction)


Destiny and Alignment is a specified Spiritual Direction package that continues over a 4 session period that is geared towards discerning prophetically your unique identity, purpose, gifts, and destiny! This package consists of 4, hour long online sessions, spread out generally over the course of 4 months (1 Session per month). If you are feeling lost, a drift at sea, like life has lost all purpose, and you are seeking what you were created for, then this package is for you!

Session 1

-We will discern your gifts, calling, and purpose to isolate what makes you truly come alive

Session 2

-Explore areas in your heart and mind where limiting beliefs and lies may have held you back from achieving your goals or that may have hindered you from stepping into your destiny.

Session 3

-Discuss what practical steps can be taken to begin to walk in your destiny now. We will also think about what pursuing your call would look like over the next five years and what goals we can establish to help move you in that direction.

Session 4

-Create an Action Plan to help you strategically begin to operate in your destiny where you are at while committing to larger more challenging goals to begin to walk into over the next five years.

Book this package now, and begin to take charge of your life and enter your destiny!

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