Spiritual Direction (A Single Session)

Spiritual Direction (A Single Session)


Spiritual Direction (Single Session) is an hour long online session aimed at helping you connect with God, discern His will and direction for your life, while giving you a safe place to wrestle with your emotions, God, and whatever else that may be going on. Spiritual Direction is not about receiving advice, but rather about connecting with God on a deeper and more intimate level as you navigate often difficult paths on this journey.

This session is perfect for people who feel they just need some help navigating a particular issue.

Spiritual Direction Will Help You:

-Get “unstuck” and connect you with the Father.

-Experience inner healing of emotional wounds and freedom from spiritual bondage

-Assist you in making good decisions by helping you follow the lead of the Spirit.

-Help you recognize limiting mindsets and beliefs and addressing them.

-Get equipped with various spiritual tools to deepen your roots in Christ and to know Him more personally.

-Offer a safe space to work through your issues together with God.

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