Spiritual Direction (4 month guidance plan)

Spiritual Direction (4 month guidance plan)


Spiritual Direction (4 month guidance plan) consists of 4, hour long online sessions, typically spread out across a 4 month period, aimed at helping you connect with God, discerning His will and direction for your life, and giving you a safe place to wrestle with your emotions, God, and whatever else that may be going on. Spiritual Direction is not about receiving advice, but rather about connecting with God on a deeper and more intimate level as you navigate often difficult paths on this journey. Paul advises us to “bear one another’s burdens” and Spiritual Direction is a way to have an experienced director bear your burdens with you while helping you go deeper with God (Gal 6:2).

This plan is designed for ongoing direction and spiritual care. Each session is marked down at a reduced price of $40.00 per session, which you pay upfront in one low price! This package includes:

-Spiritual formation.

-Inner Healing and deliverance (if needed).

-general guidance and support.

-guided prayers and other methods of cultivating intimacy with Christ.

-Action Plans to help you dig deeper with God and carve out space for more intentional intimacy with Him.

General Spiritual Direction Will Help You:

-Get “unstuck” and connect you with the Father.

-Assist you in making good decisions by helping you follow the lead of the Spirit.

-Help you recognize limiting mindsets and beliefs and addressing them.

-Get equipped with various spiritual tools to deepen your roots in Christ and to know Him more personally.

-Offer a safe space to work through your issues together with God.

Book your prolonged direction experience now and begin to flourish in your life in Christ!

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